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Home Inspection Associates, LLC provides Well Inspections Also!

We are proud to be one of the few companies to offer private domestic well inspections in addition to our home inspection services. Since most of Northern Nevada is very rural, the main source of drinking water comes from a private domestic well on the property. We are fortunate enough to have an International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) inspector on staff who is a Certified Well Inspector.

Private wells are wells that are not part of a public water supply. Wells usually serve a single home or farmhouse but can serve whole communities. Unlike public water systems, protection and maintenance of a private well is largely the responsibility of homeowners. Since that is the case it is a great idea to have a well inspection performed prior to purchasing a home that is served by a private domestic well.

Our inspector will seek to determine the following information for you as part of the well inspection:

  • The pressure tank size

  • The pressure tank pressure in PSI

  • Tank "drawdown". Which is the amount of water drawn from the tank between the time  the pressure switch cuts out turning off the pump, and cuts back in, which turns the pump on.

  • The pressure switch settings (cut in and cut out)

  • The size of the pump

  • The well "Static Water Level" The static water level is the distance from the measuring point to the water in the well under non-pumping (static) conditions.

  • The submersible pump level (if there is a submersible pump)

  • The well depth (to the bottom)

  • The pump motor winding resistance measurements

  • Resistance to ground of the load lines (power wires)

  • Ampere draw of the motor throughout the test (compared to manufacturer specs)

  • Estimated gallons per minute (GPM) that your well system will deliver

  • Total gallons drawn from the well during the test

Our inspector uses state of the art equipment which includes:

  • a sounding device that's capable of going down 500 feet to help determine static water level, pump level and bottom of the well

  • a megger, which is used to test if the motor windings are grounded and the cable insulation resistance. Insulation quality of an electrical system degrades with time, environment condition i.e. temperature, humidity and moisture and dust particles

  • a digital multimeter, which is used to check winding resistances and to check the ampere draw of the pump motor throughout the test 

  • digital water meters to determine gallons per minute and total gallons from the well

A comprehensive report will be emailed to you the same day as the inspection. 

Well sounder

Sounding Device

digital water meter

digital water meter

digital multimeter

digital multimeter



bob with sounder

Sounding the well

well sounding

Sounding the well

Well and Water System Description

More about our well inspections

At NV Inspectors, we understand the importance of clean and safe well water for your property. Our expert well inspection services in Nevada are designed to ensure the quality and purity of your well water supply. Whether you're a homeowner, a potential buyer, or a real estate professional, our comprehensive well inspections provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Our well inspections cover every aspect of your well system, from assessing water quality to evaluating well components. We are dedicated to ensuring that your well water meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify any potential issues, including water contaminants or structural concerns.

Water safety is paramount, and that's why we take our well inspection services seriously. We provide transparent and competitive pricing, allowing you to make informed decisions about the condition of your well system. Whether you're in need of routine testing or a thorough assessment before a property transaction, NV Inspectors is your trusted partner for well inspection in Nevada.

Don't compromise on the quality of your well water. Contact us today to schedule a well inspection and ensure that your water supply is clean, safe, and reliable. With NV Inspectors, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your well system is in expert hands.

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