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Why should you choose us?

Some of the Benefits of hiring Home Inspection Associates, LLC

Bob and Kathy (Managing members of the LLC) are Nevada State Certified Inspectors of Structures - This means that they currently meet all State approved Home Inspector educational requirements and qualifications. They are fully approved by the Nevada Real Estate Board. VERIFY OUR LICENSES or someone else who you are considering hiring. 

The company has been open since 2007 and has completed over 5,700 inspections (both commercial and residential).

Always on time - They'll always arrive at the inspection site early. Don't be alarmed if our vehicle is at the property, you aren't late…we are just early.

Hours of operation - If you need an inspection early or late...they are your inspectors

You'll get access to your report the same day via our secure website with a unique user name.

Maintenance recommendations - During your inspection, they'll include many energy saving maintenance recommendations that will help to keep your home lasting forever and your mechanical equipment in top working order.

Home Inspection Associates, LLC's inspections are inexpensive. From an economics standpoint TIMES ARE TOUGH. With our inspection it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. How does the company stack up against other inspectors?

1) Most companies don't put their prices on their website (isn't that one of the things you are looking for)

2) Most companies have some sort of price scale based on the age of the home, out buildings, pools and spas etc...WE DON'T.

If you find an inspector that meets or exceeds this criteria I'd encourage you to hire him or her...that's how confident that we are in our abilities, work ethic and dedication to YOU the customer.

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