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About the Home Inspection - Home Inspection Associates, LLC

During a typical home inspection, the inspector will closely examine the various systems and components of the property, including the landscape and site drainage, foundations, structural components, roofing systems, appliances, and more. The inspection process typically takes less than 2 hours.
Starting with the exterior, the inspector will assess all exterior features, including driveways, drainage systems, roof and chimneys, and more. This allows the inspector to get a bird's eye view of the home. Moving to the interior, the inspector will examine each room and floor in a logical sequence, testing appliances, electrical outlets, and other fixtures as needed.
The inspection includes a comprehensive evaluation of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. At the conclusion of the inspection, the inspector will provide a briefing on their findings and send a full color electronic report the same day.
Our inspections are performed in accordance with the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) NAC-645D and Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) NRS-645D.

What you can expect from Home Inspection Associates, LLC

During a home inspection, a professional inspector will examine the property and identify any issues or concerns that may affect its safety, functionality, or value. This can include things like structural defects, electrical or plumbing problems, or issues with the heating and cooling systems. The inspector will provide a detailed report of their findings, which can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions about the property.

Overall, the goal of a home inspection is to ensure that the property is safe, functional, and meets industry standards. By providing information about the home inspection process, buyers and sellers can better understand what to expect and make more informed decisions about their real estate transactions.

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