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Well Water Testing - Home Inspection Associates, LLC

A Nevada State Certified Laboratory is required to perform the analysis of the water samples. We have been trained to take the samples and to transport them to a local laboratory for testing. Water sampling (and subsequent testing by a laboratory) is an ancillary service that we have added.
Because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate drinking water of domestic wells it's very important to have a "Well Quality" test done before purchasing your forever home (if the water source for the home is a private well). 

Routine domestic water analyses (a.k.a. a Routine Domestic Panel, a Routine Domestic Analysis, or an "Escrow Package") are usually requested by private well owners for their own drinking water quality information, or to satisfy a lender's requirement for a pending real estate sale. These analyses determine the concentrations of several water quality indicators in drinking water. More information on drinking water contaminants can be found at the EPA website.

The actual analysis of the water samples must be performed by a laboratory certified by the State of Nevada under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  Our inspector will take a sample of the water using a local laboratory's provided sampling bottle(s) and will hand deliver the sample(s) to the laboratory utilizing their chain of custody protocol.  

We take water samples using the provided bottles from the local laboratory, using the sterile methods recommended and hand deliver the samples to the laboratory within 24 hours of taking the samples but usually the same day.

Laboratory analysis will only typically take 5 business days and the results will be emailed to you immediately after the laboratory has sent them to us.

Nevada Analytical Services is the laboratory that we take the samples to the same day that they are drawn from the property. The sample is kept in a climate controlled environment during transportation to the laboratory and a chain of custody form is signed by each person that has contact with it.

water sample

water sample

chain of custody

chain of custody form

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