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Common problems found on home inspections

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Home inspections are an important step in the home buying process, as they can reveal potential issues with a property that may not be immediately obvious to the buyer. Here are some of the most common issues found during home inspections:

  • Roofing problems: The roof is one of the most important structural components of a home, and it is also one of the most commonly inspected areas. Home inspectors will look for signs of wear and tear, such as missing or damaged shingles, as well as leaks and other water damage.

  • Plumbing issues: Plumbing problems can range from minor leaks to major issues like a broken sewer line. Home inspectors will check for leaks, clogs, and other issues that could lead to water damage or mold growth.

  • Electrical issues: Electrical problems can be dangerous and expensive to fix, so it is important to have them identified during a home inspection. Home inspectors will check for outdated wiring, faulty electrical panels, and other issues that could cause a fire or other electrical hazards.

  • HVAC issues: Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are critical to maintaining a comfortable living environment, so they are also commonly inspected. Home inspectors will check for issues such as worn out or malfunctioning equipment, inadequate insulation, and poor ventilation.

  • Pest and moisture issues: Pests like termites, rodents, and cockroaches can cause significant damage to a home, while moisture can lead to mold growth and other issues. Home inspectors will look for signs of pest infestations, as well as check for moisture in areas like the basement and crawlspace.

By identifying these and other potential issues during a home inspection, buyers can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a property, and if so, what repairs and upgrades may be necessary.

It is important to note that home inspection is not a guarantee that a home is problem-free, it only assesses the condition of the home at the time of inspection, also it is always recommended to hire a certified home inspector for this task.

A roofing nail popping through a shingle
Nail popped through shingle

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