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Hmmmm should I get a home inspection or not?

Updated: Jan 14

For many people this is a no brainer, still for others there is some trepidation because they are already into their "new" to them home for quite a bit of money. I am a little biased because I own a home inspection company but I like to think that it's pretty good "insurance" for lack of a better term. I feel like it's money well spent. We even do inspections for contractors who are buying homes because simply put, we go where they probably don't want to go. "But I'm buying a brand new home. Should I still get a home inspection?" Absolutely, we do new construction inspections all the time and find things that are missed or the sub contractors did incorrectly. The price of a home inspection is a small price to pay for an extra set of eyes to look at what will probably be the biggest investment that you ever make. If you don't hire Home Inspection Associates, LLC please hire another home inspector. It's money well spent.

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